If you looking to create a domain name for your company or move your existing domain to another hosting provider then give InfoQuest a try.  We have been using and referring clients to InfoQuest for the past five years and have had no complaints.  Their technical support is prompt and professional.  From simple hosted websites to eCommerce, InfoQuest can make your hosting experience a snap.

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The InfoQuest SuperAccount™

Set your Sites on InfoQuest™

The SuperAccount is loaded with an exciting combination of features that make it attractive for both entry level websites and larger scale development oriented sites.  Automatically Open a SuperAccount Now for only $19.95 per month + $15.00 set-up fee and see why the InfoQuest SuperAccount is the “Absolute Best Value” in today’s shared server web hosting market.

Capacity and Performance for a Growing Business

  • Automated Account setup in under 5 minutes
  • 15 GB of monthly data transfer (1) (about 300,000 page views)
  • 300 MB of Storage Space (2) (about 4,500 Web pages)
  • Unlimited POP E-Mail accounts (3)
  • Unlimited E-Mail forwarding
  • Unlimited E-Mail auto responders
  • All-inclusive “catchall” E-Mail address
  • Web based mail administration
  • Web based email browsing with ability to connect to other email systems
  • Web based email filtering to eliminate SPAM
  • Web based email calendar, tasks, address books
  • Site Studio website creation tools
  • Add up to 12 domains (4)
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and the Microsoft .NET Framework

The Power of Windows 2000

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Extensions w/ unlimited sub web creation
  • Run any of the following from your SuperAccount
    • Active Server Pages (.asp)
    • .NET Framework (.aspx)
    • Cold Fusion (.cfm)
    • PHP (.php)
  • FREE ASP Component use including
    • ASPUpload
    • ASPJpeg
    • ASPEncrypt
    • ASPEmail
    • ASPMail
    • CDONTS Mail
  • Use Scripting Languages such as
    • Visual Basic Scripting
    • JavaScript
    • Jscript
  • Use Development Tools such as
    • Visual InterDev
    • Visual Studio
    • Cold Fusion
    • FrontPage
    • Dreamweaver
  • Free Use of Site Studio website creation tools
  • Use Database such as
    • MS Access
    • MS SQL Server
    • MySQL

Complete Control of your Account

  • Sophisticated Account Control Panel with access to Account, Billing, HelpDesk, Mail, Resource, and Web server functions
  • Site Studio website creation tools
  • Urchin® website access statistics
  • Access website log files
  • Secure and Anonymous FTP Access
  • Create FTP User Accounts as needed
  • Create Unlimited ODBC Datasources for MS Access and SQL Server
  • Bandwidth and disc utilization reports 
  • Activate E-Commerce options real-time

E-Commerce for Online Stores

  • Miva Merchant Available
  • Support for StoreFront 6.0
  • StoreFrontNow Available
  • Merchant accounts with real-time payment gateway available
  • Digital server certificates (SSL) available

World Class Support

  • 24/7 support via toll free phone and email
  • Online Tips & Tools
  • Daily data backups and offsite tape rotation with 4 week retention
  • Data restores free of charge
  • Daily technology news
  • Ability to track support requests

Data Center & Network & Host Computers

  • UPS Power and back-up diesel generator
  • Biometric controlled building and data center access
  • Climate controlled raised floor computer center
  • Redundant Tier 1 Network Internet connections to OC-192, OC-48 backbone
  • Redundant CISCO Routers and switches with redundant BGP4 routing Protocol
  • 24 hour monitoring and alerting
  • Host servers all dual processor Pentiums with 1GB of RAM
  • Host servers limited to only 253 accounts

(1) Up to 15GB of data transfer is included with each SuperAccount each month. Additional bandwidth utilization in any given month is billed at the rate of 1 penny per MB.

(2) Web storage space includes server log files for your account. Log files are used to produce your urchin web reports. After daily web reports are created you can delete log files through FTP if you do not wish to keep them. Additional storage space above 300MB is billed at a rate of 10 cents per MB

(3) Certain restrictions apply. Mail accounts are not to be offered as a free email service or resold to third parties in any way.

(4) One time setup fee of $5.00 for each domain added. On a monthly basis, the first 5 domains are included with the base monthly fee. An additional monthly fee of $2.00 per domain is assessed for domains 6 through 12. All domains associated with a single SuperAccount will resolve to the same IP address. To separate the content of one domain from another, customers must implement application script using Active Server Pages (.asp), or Cold Fusion (.cfm)


The InfoQuest Internet Operations Center (IOC) is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  At the heart of the IOC is a climate controlled raised floor computer center.  Access to the IOC is limited to authorized InfoQuest employees and controlled via biometric security access points.

  • Cisco 7200 Series Routers w/ BGP4 Routing
  • Cisco Pix Firewalls
  • Cisco 3500 Series 100MB Switches 
  • Redundant Routers, Switches, and Firewalls
  • Redundant DS3 Backbone Connections
    Provided by Cable & Wireless USA, Sprint, and AT&T
  • Dynamically Updated DNS Servers
  • HP Smart Internet Usage (SIU) IP usage mediation platform

Additional Information: InfoQuest’s communication network is built on a redundant configuration of primary and failover routers, switches and firewalls.  CISCO 7200 series routers, 3500 series switches, and PIX Firewalls connect the IOC server farm to the Internet through high speed DS3 circuits.  Utilizing advanced BGP4 routing technology, InfoQuest routers provide load balancing and redundancy.  Should any individual DS3 fail, routers  automatically shift workload to the unaffected circuits.  If a router, switch or firewall fails, or requires maintenance, its failover component automatically becomes the primary.  The sole purpose of this redundancy is to provide continuous operation of your website.

  • Dell PowerEdge 1650 and Gateway 935 Series Servers
  • Dual Intel Pentium III or Xeon Processors
  • 1GB of RAM or more
  • 3 18GB SCSI Hard Drives (Raid 5 Configured)
  • Storage Array and Tape Backups
  • Three 100MB Ethernet Cards
  • Windows 2000 / 2003 Server
  • IIS 5.0 or 6.0, MS FTP, Active Server Pages
  • Macromedia Cold Fusion 5.0
  • ASPUpload, ASPJpeg Components
  • FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions
  • Urchin web site traffic analysis

Additional Information: Servers, routers, switches, IOC security, and facility power are electronically monitored 24 hours a day.  Should any component report an out of tolerance condition technicians are immediately notified.

Email Servers
  • Each email server comes with a custom user account interface so that customers may update and create email accounts through a web based interface.
  • Customers may use web browser or POP3 compliant mail program like Outlook to read email.
Account Management
  • Automated account signup and management.  New accounts setup real-time in 1 minute.
  • Web based account control panel allows you to stop and start your web, configure additional services, display real-time account billing status and more.
UPS / Power / Generation / Cooling
  • Liebert System 300 power conditioning and battery cabinets
  • Caterpillar Olympian Diesel Generator w/ 24 hour fuel tank and running re-fuel capability.
  • Stulz Down-flow computer room air conditioning and dehumidification systems.

Additional Information: The IOC computer room, network, security system, and technical support phone system are protected from power surge or utility power loss by an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) consisting of Liebert 300 Series conditioning and battery cabinets and Caterpillar’s Olympian diesel generators.

During normal operation, the Liebert cleans and monitors input utility power.  Should power spike or drop, the Liebert’s batteries immediately compensation for the change.  Even though Liebert system batteries will power the IOC for two hours, any utility power fluctuation lasting more than 20 seconds causes an automatic transfer switch to start the Olympian diesel generator, bring it up to tolerance and transfer the IOC from utility to generator power.  The Olympian generator will run for 24 hours on a single tank of fuel and may be refueled at any time while running.  While on generator power, the Liebert and its battery cabinets continue to clean and monitor generator power.  When utility power is restored, the automatic transfer switch returns the IOC to utility power and shuts down the generator.

Facility DataCenter
  • Biometric Security Access Points
  • Motion Detection
  • 24 hour Camera Surveillance
  • 24 Hour Security Service
  • Access Restricted to Employees Only
  • Temperature and Humidity Control / Monitored
  • Redundant Power Sources
  • FM-200 Fire Suppression System / Monitored 24 hours a day
  • Fully Insured