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Turn To Us for All of Your Technology Needs

We offer many ways to service your computer or network.  Please choose the service that best describes your needs.

Carry-In Computer Service: (you bring the computer to us – Windows or Mac!)
Start a Carry-In service ticket Click Here

Residential On-Site Computer/Network Service: (we come to you)
Start by scheduling an appointment: Click Here

Standard Business On-Site Computer/Network Service: (we come to you)
Start by scheduling an appointment: Click Here

Standard Remote Computer/Network Support: (use this service as-needed)
Start by submitting a remote support request: Click Here

Remote Managed Services for Business + On-Site Service: (enrolled business clients only)
If you are enrolled in our HelpDesk services, simply double-click the small green circular icon located in the bottom right corner of your Windows Desktop.  This brings you into your private HelpDesk Ticket Portal which communicates with us and provides you VIP service.  Our entire team receives your request and it’s processed first. If you are unable to submit a HelpDesk ticket using the above, then call us 973-377-7711 and we’ll respond immediately.  To become enrolled, complete the form to the left.

More than just a computer center:
We now offer VoIP (Voice over IP) Phone Systems for business.  In addition we offer Video Surveillance for your home or business; and/or a complete home entertainment system using Sonos.  Stop by our computer center to see a demo or contact us for a free consultation.

In business for over 25 years, Carmen DeRosa and his team at PC Problems have built a valued and dependable reputation among local residents, small businesses, and companies throughout the region. PC Problems is the “go to” computer store for computer repairs, advice, service and sales.

While he could have opened his business in any town, for DeRosa, “there’s no place for me to own a business that would be as good as being in Madison.” A longtime resident, DeRosa grew up in Madison, NJ, where most of his family is from and still resides.

Originally located on Kings Road, PC Problems transitioned to 50 Main Street in December of 2009, taking on a large renovation project in what was recently a fire-damaged location. DeRosa emphasizes that Madison’s active downtown district is a feature that he values tremendously as a business owner.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact us when you need a dependable computer store with a friendly, local staff. Contact us for any of the following services:

  • Computer repairs
  • Computer service
  • Computer sales
  • Computer networking
  • Managed Services
  • Video Surveillance
  • VoIP Phone Systems
  • Sonos Wireless Audio

Located at 50 Main Street, PC Problems provides many service options to its customers, allowing customers to choose what type of service works best for them. The most traditional service is the carry-in of a customer’s computer for evaluation and service. The second option is to schedule an on-site appointment where one of PC Problem’s technicians travels to the customer’s home or business. The third and newest service offered is what has been causing a buzz with customers – PC Problem’s HelpDesk services.

As Carmen DeRosa explains, “Our HelpDesk service allows us to manage your computer remotely, from scheduling on-site and off-site backups, running Windows updates, auditing hard or software issues, to running a complete Antivirus solution.” The HelpDesk system uses seamless remote desktop controls, which allows PC Problems to assist customers with ease and without interference in the usage of their computers.”

Contributing to the store’s distinguished services and its large inventory of the most common PC devices, PC Problems has direct relationships with vendors like Dell, HP and IMB. Having parts and equipment on hand, and quickly obtaining them from major warehouse vendors, PC Problems can address computer repair situations rapidly and efficiently.


Convenient, year-round electronic recycling is now a reality for Madison residents and local businesses, thanks to a cooperative effort between the Madison Environmental Commission and local merchant PC Problems, who has agreed to act as a local “drop-off site” for recyclable electronic items within the community.

“The Commission talked about various ways to offer electronic recycling to the community. Partnering with PC Problems offers the easiest and most convenient option to the residents, which in turn, will hopefully translate into more recycling and less items in the waste stream,” stated Jim Greene, Environmental Commission Chair.

Carmen DeRosa, owner of PC Problems, welcomed the opportunity to help implement this program, allowing community members to drop off their recyclable electronic items at his conveniently located store.

Although electronic recycling was not previously year-round in Madison, local community groups actively supported the movement. Last year, the Boy Scouts, organized a two-day electronic recycling drive, and later approached Greene with the possibility of arranging a permanent electronic recycling program.

“It was very important for us to know where the electronics were going,” said Madison Environmental Commissioner, Tom Haralampoudis. “We wanted to make sure the items were recycled in the most environmentally sensitive way possible, and not just shipped off and dumped somewhere else.”

With that in mind, the Borough of Madison contracted with eRevival LLC of Montvale, NJ, the same company that partnered with the Boy Scouts’ drives last year, to provide the recycling container. According to the eRevival website, unlike other electronics and recycling companies, who deal only with computer recycling, eRevival uniquely offers a “full spectrum of disposal of all kinds of electronic items.”

The special container for recyclable items, located at the Department of Public Works facility on John Ave., is accessible to PC Problems due to a formal agreement signed between PC Problems and the Borough Council. While the recycling service is free of charge, those that use the recycling service are encouraged to make a donation to the Madison Environmental Commission.

Local residents and businesses can drop off their electronic recycling hours at the PC Problems store at 50 Main Street, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Recyclable electronic items that can be dropped off include VCR’s, speakers, stereo equipment, computers and computer-related equipment, fax machines, scanners, printers, TV’s, copy machines, cellular phones and other wireless devices. More information including a complete list of recyclable items can be found at This list is also available at PC Problems and on

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EVER WONDER WHAT A HARD DRIVE LOOKS LIKE? You know your data is being saved….but where does it go? Hard Drives store all of your data…not just documents but music, videos and pictures. Not very exciting huh? UNTIL YOU NEED YOUR DATA!!!! Did you know even if your computer no longer works or is too old to use, we can remove the hard drive and transfer the data onto another computer, or flash drive or even an external hard drive? We replace damaged or problematic hard drives in laptops and desktops. We also remove hard drives from computers to be recycled (free of charge)! Questions or issues with regard to the hard drive in your computer? Call the experts for assistance. PC Problems. 973-377-7711 See MoreSee Less

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IS YOUR DATA SAFE? When it comes to securing data on any computer there are easy effective things you can and should do. Here are just a few tips. Make ALL of your passwords difficult!! At PC Problems we often have a good laugh at the wild and funny passwords some people use BUT these are STRONG passwords! We are all curious by nature but opening unsolicited emails is a NO NO. It’s tempting but ignore them. Install an Antivirus program. Did you know Windows 10 has antivirus built in?! Run updates! Updates help avoid software vulnerabilities. If you’re not sure if your data has been compromised or you want to be sure there is no malicious activity on your computer… then simply call us for an on-site appointment, request remote service through our website or bring your computer to us!
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DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! You get a phone call out of the blue…someone is telling you there is an issue with your computer. OR while working on your computer a very official looking message pops up telling you to call ASAP because your computer has a serious problem. THESE ARE SCAMS. Unfortunately innocent people are fooled everyday and too often scammers are given remote control of computers and even worse they trick people into providing payment! 😯 Help is a phone call away…973-377-7711 This type of scam is more common then you think… let us advise you of the necessary steps that you need to take and we will make sure your data is safe!!! See MoreSee Less

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